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Before asking any questions (by commenting on this post), please make sure you have read all of the listed FAQs under the cut, as well as reading the premise and the rules. Most questions are answered in one of those posts.

1. What is Dubina Valley? Dubina Valley is an online roleplaying community centered around a book that I (the mod and creator) read. In the game, Dubina Valley is the name of a perfect society in the year 2770. Everything is automated; rarely anything is handmade anymore. There is also a certain tradition that, at the age of 21, the teenagers (pre-operational "Uglies", ages 16-21) undergo to transition into adulthood. They are surgically enhanced in every way possible to become "Pretties"; "Pretties" are catered to for the first 9 years of their life so they can party as long as they want, as hard as they want, and still look amazing. There are many cities like this around the world; in fact, this has been the norm for over four hundred years. The government backing this "norm" is referred to as Society.

2. What are the Kovar Dormitories? These are where the Uglies stay once they turn 16, and wait to Turn into another Pretty. The Kovar Dormitories are on the west side of town, sectioned off from the rest of the city filled with Pretties. The Dorms are also closer to the ruins and the sea (though the sea is quite far away). There are an unlimited number of floors and rooms in the dormitories, but they are in two separate wings: a girl's wing a a boy's wing. There is a cafeteria, a gym, and a swimming pool at the dormitories, as well as classrooms on-campus of the dormitories where Uglies are taught. Each room comes with a WallScreen (like a DVD-player/computer combined), a mini-fridge, a bed, a dresser, a closet, and a desk. Rooms are programmed to respond to voice-activated commands, and one can even "talk" to a room.

3. What is an Ugly? Uglies are young adults between the ages of 16 and 21 that have not undergone Turning yet. These people are looked down upon for their flaws and how "un-Pretty" they are, and even have to grow up in a part of the city sectioned off from the rest of Society. Once they turn 16, they are sent to Kovar, where they live until turning 21 and can finally go through Turning.

4. What is Turning? Turning refers to "turning Pretty", which means Uglies go through the operation to make them into Pretties. Basically, everyone has the same basic features so that no Pretty is prettier than the next. No one really acts like themselves after Turning, either; they are more selfish and fun-seeking than before.

5. What is a Pretty? A Pretty is someone older than 21 in Dubina Valley that has undergone the operation to turn them into a Pretty. They have large, vulnerable eyes that pull you in and make you want to protect them. They are infinitely prettier than Uglies, for sure. Pretties stay together in age-divided sectors in Dubina Valley. The newly-Turned Pretties stay in the New-Pretty part of town called Wesson Hills, where Pretties ages 21 to 40 live. Middle-Pretties, middle-aged pretties from 40 to 60 years old, live in Hebron Point, where they start their family and raise their children until they turn 16. Late-Pretties, ages 60 to death, live in Chispa Village where they live out the rest of their life, unless they come back to the hospital, on the border of Wesson Hills and Kovar, for Life Extensions.

6. What is the Resistance? The Resistance is made up of both Pretties that have fought their selfish, absent-minded nature to see the truth of the situation, and Uglies who want to destroy the system entirely. Both sides have their own reasons for being there; these can include falling in love with someone other than a designated spouse, being gay or bisexual, believing in equality for all people (not just Pretties), the right to live without changing your natural appearance, hating your Pretty appearance, etcetera. They stay at an unknown location, a small city called Underground that supports and funds the Resistance; however, since its growing popularity, Resistance members can also be found within the city, but that risk is very high.

7. What is the Legacy? The Legacy is made up of mostly Pretties (but some Uglies, as well) that want to continue the tradition of Turning. They believe that becoming a Pretty deals away with pettiness, squabbling, discrimination, and weeds out the "bad things" of Society (homosexuals, genetic defects, pre-marital sex, and pre-marital pregnancy, for example). They also feel that it's a person's choice to Turn or not, and that doing away with it entirely would go against what Society is built on: freedom. Society backs and funds the Legacy; because Society is so large, however, they have a better funding than Underground.

8. How can I join the Resistance or the Legacy? After you are accepted into the community, you will be able to apply to join the Resistance or the Legacy in a friend-locked post. DO NOT apply there before you have been accepted, because your application will be rejected and you have to wait another 24 hours after you have been accepted into the main community before you can apply to join the Resistance.

9. Can I be a spy? Yes and no. First, you must contact the moderator secretly (you're a spy! Of course it's secret) and ask. There is a maximum of one spy per four people on each side. You cannot reveal your identity as a spy OOC or IC, and you must wait a week like every other person switching sides (see the next question) in order to disguise your entrance.

10. Can I switch sides? Yes. But, you have to stay on the first side (or current side) that you're on for a week (seven 24-hour days). This is only to prevent people from switching back and forth without a reason.

11. Do I have to choose a side? Not at all. You can be affiliated with one side or the other, or none at all. You are, thus, part of the general population. You have the ability to vote one way or the other on who gains the power to control Dubina. (See FAQ #11 for an explanation on the power.) Even if you are affiliated with one side or the other, you will be labeled as a neutral party on the table. Affiliated people can provide safe-houses, meeting sites, supplies, transportation, or any number of helpful services. People that are neutral go along with whatever the government in place tells them. Sometimes this drives people to joining either the Legacy or the Resistance.

12. What is the Fight? The Fight is the battle between those who want to continue Turning, and those who want to end it. The Legacy is referred to as "Yellow", and the Resistance is referred to as "Orange". Use this codeword in the subject of posts (use it FIRST) in case something like a thread is off-limits to one side or the other, or to alert people on the OOC boards of something major that will be happening.

13. How does each side fight in the Fight? Well, there are actual physical altercations between members of each side, or sometimes one side will raid important places of the other's. Society can pass legislation or promote propaganda to win over the general population, while the Resistance can recruit more members, destroy buildings, and promote their own kind of propaganda. Note: destroying buildings must also be approved by me (the mod) and posted on the OOC board. Take up a count of people who want to be part of the action; make it a thread-play. That way, both sides can be involved.

14. How is the Fight won? The Fight is never over; it's been a long-standing battle between Society and much smaller groups of opposition. The Resistance is the biggest group that Society has ever had to fight. Instead, the Fight is fought in battles; each battle has a start-time and an end-time (lasting usually two or three weeks, with a week of relative peace in between them), and these are won by swaying the general population. After each "battle" as it were, the moderator (that's me!) will take a vote from the general population of who has more sway over them. If the Resistance gains the power, they have the ability to take over the capital city (Dubina Valley) of Pretty World; how they will control the people is up to them to decide, and the Legacy is forced out of the city. If the Legacy gains the power, then the Resistance is forced back to Underground; if they regain power, then they can take back the capital city and force the Resistance.

15. What are all the communities for? So that this entire RPG is organized. Really now, I suck at organization and I need all the outs I can get. This way, you'll know where to post what, and you'll know where to go for Information. dubinavalley is the main community site where people apply to and find out all the information to Dubina. dubinathread is the section where you can Thread-Play if you wish. dubinalogs is used to post conversations between people. dubinaooc is used for any OOC purposes that aren't completely off topic. Introductions of yourself, the player, can be made here; also, major changes, such as the destruction of a building, will be alerted here.

16. Am I allowed to have an Ugly that is over the age of 21? Am I allowed to have a Pretty under the age of 21? Yes to both, *but* I'm only going to allow a certain number of people to have them. The first five for each, for now. This is only to encourage play within the "Real-life" standards of the game.

17. Can my Pretty/Ugly be born outside of Dubina Valley? Yes. But I'm limiting this to the first three who take up the chance on each side, and you can't have taken the opportunity in FAQ 16 in addition to this one. You either have a Pretty/Ugly under/over the age of 21, or you have them born outside Dubina Valley. Pretties that are not from Dubina Valley *must* have come from another city that does operations, otherwise they wouldn't be a Pretty.

18. If I make a new character, can I have them be on the Resistance/the Legacy/be a neutral party like my first (or second) character? No. If your first character is on the Resistance, your second has to be neutral or on the Legacy. It works that way for all second and third characters.

19. What kind of character can I apply as? This is answered in the rules, but to answer the question here, we accept all kinds of characters here, from books, TV shows, movies, cartoons, anime, manga, video games, celebrities, actors, musicians, and even original characters.


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