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Dubina Valley RPG
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Open for Applications! Official start date is scheduled for May 17th!

Imagine. Racism has been "cured". Discrimination has been "cured". Homosexuality has been "cured". Diseases can be cured. No one has genetic defects. No one is left out. No one is ugly, because everyone is pretty. Everyone is the same, all from a simple operation. Reality. It's the year 2770. Everyone that is born has their destiny planned out for them once they reach age sixteen, when your genes have finally stabilized. Genetics determine everything: who you will marry, your future career, the number of children you have, and even when and how you will die. Tradition. You move into the Kovar Dormitories with your peers, fellow pre-operation "Uglies", at age sixteen. Learning from the post-operational "Pretties" until you reach 21, you are taken to the hospital in Dubina Valley where you experience the operation, or the Turning. Resistence. Society, the government, has thrived on this system for over four centuries, and nothing has threatened it until now. A large group of opposition, for whatever their reasons may be, has resisted the mold society wants to press them into; they are filled with both Pretties and Uglies alike, and live far outside the confining walls of Dubina Valley. Change. You have a decision to make: stay and fight for the right to be the same, fight for the tradition that you and your ancestors have partaken in, fight for freedom of equality; or leave and join the growing ranks of the opposition who fight for freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom to look how you were born to look, freedom to choose your own job and your own spouse, to fall in love and to hurt, but most of all, to live the life you have always dreamed. CHOOSE.
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Dubina Valley is partially based off of the book "Uglies" by Scott Westerfield, part of a trilogy. I claim no ownership to the concepts that are similar in the books written by Westerfield.