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1. Above all, no godmoding, godplaying, or anything else of that nature, no Mary-Sues or Gary-Stus. To add onto this, you can't change the game in any major way unless you're given consent from the moderator specifically to do so; for example, you cannot band together another group to fight against the Legacy.

2. We accept all kinds of characters here, from books, TV shows, movies, cartoons, anime, manga, video games, celebrities, actors, musicians, and even original characters as long as they have a picture. A PB(played by) is necessary for the application if you apply as a character that uses a picture of someone in real life. People cannot use the same person as the PB, even if they are distinct. Female and male characters are allowed! Slash and femslash are encouraged and welcomed!

3. Please limit their traumatic past to a minimum. I'll reject your application if there's too much trauma.

4. Drama: I don't allow it OOC. If you have a bone to pick with someone, don't cause a huge discrepancy that makes everyone hate this community, because that would really hurt my feelings. IC Drama: I allow it, but *please* don't cause anything too severe. You cannot kill your character, you cannot get your character pregnant, and, for now, marriages are not allowed.

5. Following 3, keep IC and OOC *separate*. I can't repeat that enough, so I won't try to here. If you read this far, put Odd after Pretty in your application, or Duckling after Ugly (depending on which your character is).

6. Each character has to have their own LJ handle and screenname. Try not to play on invisible or away. I totally understand that sometimes you're not up to being bombarded with IMs, so just try to keep invisible or away-play to a minimum.

7. You can have up to three characters. You have to wait a week after the first is accepted before applying for the second character, and then another two weeks after the second is accepted to apply for the third character.

8. Most of the roleplaying will be done over AIM, but there's a thread-RP-based community (dubinathread) if you are into thread-based roleplaying, and there's a community where you can post AIM conversation logs (dubinalogs). Everything rated over PG must be marked as such, and everything other than the header (no matter the length or rating) must be placed behind a cut; this goes for all communities.

9. Roleplaying can be done in either first or third person; it doesn't matter to me.

10. I have the right to deny any application, or kick anyone if they break a rule after three warnings (unless they break the first rule; you get one warning only). I will alert you with three warnings (one after each offense) if you repeatedly break the rules, before I will kick you out of the community. If you have read this far, put your favorite song title in the subject line of your application.

11. I only accept characters that are under the age of 40, for the sake of keeping the community at a relative age balance and keep us all within the same age range (New Pretties and Uglies).

12. You cannot marry anyone in the game. This rule may or may not be changed, but marriage age is 40, and no players 40 or older are allowed in the game. I'll consider changing it, but marriages will be at my discretion if I do; engagements, however, are all good, but try to take it seriously. It's just tacky to propose four times in one month to each new girlfriend/boyfriend.

13. Absolutely no pregnancies. I might change this rule later, but for now, no pregnancies.

14. Remember, spelling and grammar ARE important in roleplaying. If you've read this far, add the band of your favorite song in the subject line of your application as well.

15. I'm not a picky person about ages, but you should be at least 15 to be in the community, only because of the adult concepts. For now, I'll be lax on this as long as you're a good player.

16. Updates! You should update your character's personal journal at least once every two weeks. If you do not update within two weeks, I'll try to contact you and you'll be kicked out after a week if I don't hear back from you; if I have no way of contacting you, a week after I put you up for being kicked out, you will be kicked out. I'll give you two shots at being up for elimination, but on the third time, you're out immediately.


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